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ON Dec.26-27,2020, Above programs helded at Pingdu Qingdao,in the middle of the summit,ginger business talk,expert lecture,market researching etc.,more activities were executed, so as to respond the national rural revitalization Strategy,enriching the people and promoting agriculture,reducing fitilizer and increase effect,and promote healthy developing of ginger property.

Mr. Shenghui,the deputy mayor of Pingdu city show warmly welcome to all the quests from all over the country he regarded this summit as an important will be of important position in the ginger property developing in China,Pingdu must try best to supply the first-class service to set up quality platform,hope everybody treasure the chance and catch the chance,make good cooperation and none return with fruitful results,in sametime also hope the leaders and guests take care of Pingdu City,more understanding Pingdu, feeling the experience,publicizing Pingdu,and indroducing more projects to Pingdu,kalanchoe pinnata,flowers and fruits.


Mr.Li Jifeng,the deputy sectary-general of China Vegetables Circulation Association,also branch director of seed division,when he comunacated with the reporters,he said the plant seed just like the chip of agriculture.Recentlly the National Agricuture Ministry required higher level in the side of seed developing, And let the people pay more attention on the seeds and arable land, and prepare to flight a seed means a the course of vegetable planting Developing,no natter quantity or quality, the seed is the key, from beginning Must make proper right choice in the side of seed.


Mr.Shenghui, the deputy mayor of Pingdu award prizes to the ginger planting experts.

Mr. Wang Tenghua, the Gen. Manager of Global Feild Agr. Scinece Technologhy Co. Ltd. He expressed his some ideas for ginger and agricutire. He said that safety Food come from safe seed and good soil. Although the ginger only samll spicy in people daily life, but it connected thousand of families, nearly every home need Ginger everyday.but recentlly year the land soil met some problems because of the Contious cropping over years, such as soil acidification,soil salinization, Soil-borne disease etc., the problem need settled by science methods of ecological Farming,and managing technology to meet the demand of safety food in China.

At last he said that the company will keep on the principle continune researching And popularizing for the technology of ecological farming, so as to supply healthy safety food to the people’s food tables.


Mr.Li Jifeng, the founder of China Ginger website,award to ginger grow leaders.


DR.Yu Anling,the cheif dirctor of Jining Food Safety Inspection Centre gave knowledge lecture concerning food safety.

On the summit, more activities and more people attended,the different side of the ginger line, such as government agriculture althorities, trade associations,academic units, ginger exporters,ginger processing facories, ginger business people,ginger storage keepers,co-op,grow leaders,planting experts,Honest suppliers,ecological planting demonstration bases,meritorious enterprise,Excellent wholesale market etc. Totally there were more than 300 People attended the summit. This summit forum mainly sponsored by China Fresh Ginger Webbsite.It was held wounderful and is only the begginning for us.thanks for reading with us.

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