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The China Ginger Net
China Ginger Net 2021-07-21 10:36 Email: On-duty phone: +86-537-3163974

The China Ginger Net is the 1st website for the ginger information in the ginger line in China, created by Global Fine Field Agriculture Science Limited Company. It is the biggest website in the side of fresh ginger information in 2005.

The China Ginger Net website is the biggest information platform.

It is the biggest ginger trade goods platform.

It is the professional platform for electronic business platform.

Depend on the strong ability of gathering and editing, also good relationship of enterprise cooperation, we can supplying the report of market changes fully, timely and exactly ,tracing the hot spot, and explaining the policies and regulations, helping the customer at the side of market analysing, exporting guide, international buyers, in the same time supply the fastly and convenient platform, and ensure the customer can declare the new developing changes, product informations, to supply one new media tool.

Our website is the biggest trading platform of ginger stock!

It can supply the best cooperated system of different resource for the trader of ginger in China. It makes the traditional, internet, advanced information technology systems gathering, and supply the best service platform in 24 hours for the ginger trader at home and abroad!

The China Ginger Net website is the professional electronic business platform.

In the past 16 years, the target aim is the following as building one comprehensive electronic business system united many functions to be one part with prices exchanging, business online, technology guiding, also help the complete of the relative contract transaction, delivery and settle through our platform for the ginger trading. It is the only one platform gathered the following functions such as electronic business, enterprise logod and marks recommending, and business talks on line.

The website in English is operated by Global Fine Field International Trade Limited Company.

This company belongs to The Global Fine Field Agriculture Science Technology, mainly business export ginger, garlic, apple, chili & their processed products, also exports water soluble fertilizers for different kinds of vegetable, fruit, tree, flowers, grasses, etc.

Its coaction is at Jining Shandong province, depend on professional, tryst and good service, made more friends & customers all over the world. The trading values more than USD 50 million every year.

Organizer: Jining Characteristic Agricultural Research Institute Hotline: +86-537-3163974, 19963780029 (WeChat same number)
Contractor: World Goodfield Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd On-duty phone: +86-537-3163974
Strategic cooperation: China Vegetable Circulation Association Customer service WeChat: jiang75999
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